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Market Analysis: Luxury fashion product users & nonusers

Potloc launched a market trends/awareness study for one of their clients, helping a top-tier consulting firm gather insights from users/nonusers of luxury products in 7 countries.

B2C - Market Trends - Luxury

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Key Challenges

In the context of a market analysis project, a top-tier consulting firm needed to gather insights to  deliver to its luxury brand client. They wanted to survey 2000 respondents (B2C) that met the following criteria:

  • 18+-year-old luxury product users residing in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, USA, & the UK.
  • 18+-year-old non-luxury users residing in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, USA, & the UK.

Objectives of this Study

  • Understand the trends of products in the French luxury fashion industry
  • Understand the perception and role of  products in the French luxury fashion industry
  • Collect insights to support a report created on the topic
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Potloc's Approach

Using Potloc’s social media sampling technology, we targeted respondents in all 7 mentioned countries, gathering rich insights to help the consulting firm reinforce their report. Potloc deployed the campaign on Facebook, targeting the appropriate audiences. We took socio-demographic profiles, location, interests, job titles, employers, and professions into account, among other criteria.

We also set quotas of 500 respondents each for France and the USA & 200 respondents for each remaining country. Furthermore, we used some of our trusted partners to deliver a portion of the required data - which we thoroughly cleaned - to extract more insights!

Countries Covered


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"I am very appreciative of the amazing speed of delivery I received in my study with Potloc. Their team of project managers was super reactive and made sure to deliver the study with ease."

Associate, Top Tier Consulting Firm.

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