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Cask whiskey:
A barrel of wealth

Are we living in a whiskey renaissance? KPMG Ireland, Whiskey Wealth Club, and Potloc partnered up to share survey insights on cask whiskey as a booming alternative investment.


Distilling the investment potential of cask whiskey

Currently valued at an impressive $70 billion, and with projections set to soar to $125 billion by 2032, the whiskey industry is not just fermenting fine spirits — it's distilling golden opportunities for savvy investors.

A toast to a rising alternative asset

The volume of global sales of Irish whiskey has increased by 100% from 2014 to 2024. This surge has propelled cask whiskey investment into the limelight, possibly fueled by youth drinking habits, a growing middle class in developing countries, and renewed investment in Irish production.


Bridging the knowledge gap

We recognize that for many, the whiskey market remains a domain of uncharted potential. Key concerns include a lack of understanding of investment strategies, the returns on offer, and how to obtain reliable valuations.


Winning whiskey styles revealed

For those with an interest in the market, Scotch, bourbon, and Irish whiskey are the preferred styles. But despite a 100% increase in global sales in the last decade, Irish whiskey has room to catch up to its Scottish and US peers.


Why pour into the cask whiskey market?

Exclusive market access

Tap into a market that’s projected to grow significantly in the next decade.

Tangible asset ownership

Invest in a real, aging asset that appreciates over time.

Inflation resistant

Whiskey has historically outperformed traditional investments during periods of inflation.


Add a robust layer to your investment portfolio, reducing risk and increasing potential returns.

Enjoyment & legacy

Beyond financial gains, owning a cask of whiskey can provide personal enjoyment and the opportunity to leave a legacy.


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We were seeking a survey research partner who would provide a high-quality data set and access to a specific audience on a niche topic. The key criteria that made Potloc our first choice were (a) high quality of data collection, (b) access to our target audience, and (c) real-time updates and transparency on data collected.
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