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Ask the right questions to
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There's an art to asking the right questions

With more than 197.000 questions asked around the world, our experts can help you write and optimize your questionnaires. Take advantage of our lightning-quick scripting service thanks to the most reliable survey programming technology on the market.

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A successful study starts with...

Questionnaire creation

A well-written questionnaire

Ask us all of your survey-related questions and receive expert answers and advice. Our specialists create and optimize engaging and well-crafted surveys, removing cognitive biases and empowering you with honest insights to strengthen your business decisions.

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Designed to ensure an excellent respondent experience

At Potloc, the respondent experience is at the heart of our strategy. Thanks to our various optimization methods (conversational tone, use of emojis, multitude of question formats), we transform a simple respondent experience into an enjoyable journey that promotes authenticity and maximizes the completion rate of your surveys. 

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Programmed questionnaire on the most vigorous platform on the market

Customize your questions or choose from the multitude of pre-existing templates on Forsta. Potloc guarantees error-free delivery by scripting your surveys on the most reliable programming tool on the market. 


Record-time delivery

Need your study to be launched ASAP? Take advantage of our agility and responsiveness. Receive your 100% personalized questionnaire in just 24 hours from the time of your initial request.


Need help creating or optimizing your questionnaire?

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Our Optimization Checklist

Optimization is key to ensuring that our surveys offer an engaging respondent experience to foster a high completion rate and high-quality data. In addition, all surveys bear Potloc's signature – our teams are wholeheartedly dedicated to producing flawless questionnaires to maintain our strong reputation. We make sure that:

The necessary eligibility questions are included in the questionnaire (in order to qualify the right respondents)

The questionnaire follows the right structure/flow

Questions are revised, unbiased, well formulated, and asked to the right respondents

Research objectives are answered

The length of interview (LOI) is respected

Scripting instructions are not forgotten and clear for the Scripting team

A certified methodology

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Our service always adapts to your needs



Tell us your questionnaire-related headaches. Our teams will take care of the rest.



Already have a questionnaire you want to roll with? Our experts will perfect it.



If your questionnaire is ready to be programmed, our specialists will do so on Forsta.

Forsta takes your survey to the next level

Potloc programs your survey on the most powerful, flexible, and reliable questionnaire programming platform on the market. Don't be limited by your questionnaire creation platform when ours makes all the difference.

Instant programming

There's never been a faster way to prepare your study. Potloc scripts your personalized questionnaire in 5 hours, saving you precious time and limiting the risk of error.

Endless possibilities

Collect feedback from your respondents on any device. Use our extensive library of question types or ask us for custom programming.

Export in any format

Export your study results in a variety of formats: Excel (CSV), Excel with text, Odata (Tableau, PowerBl), Fixed-Width (unicode), Tab-Delimited, Triple-S (unicode), Comma-Separated (CSV), and more.

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