Get insights from 4.2 billion consumers worldwide

Use sampling on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any other social network to get survey respondents

Potloc dashboard mockup for Hugo Sartorius Decathlon store manager displaying features including NPS and respondent comments
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Survey people when they have downtime

We survey people on any topic at a time when they’re willing to answer: when scrolling through their social media feeds.

Reach any audience, anywhere
Reach any audience, anywhere

Geofence any location to reach consumers through the channels they already trust. Go as specific as one city block, or as wide as a whole country.

Target any niche consumer group
Target any niche consumer group

Get to know your audience –customers and non-customers, B2B or B2C, no matter how low the incidence rate or population size. Go as niche or as broad as you need

Better data quality guaranteed
Better data quality guaranteed

Better respondents bring more accurate data: we don’t incentivize our surveys to avoid professional respondents, so you can make business decisions in all confidence.

We’re establishing a new standard in consumer research


Countries covered


Surveys completed


Questions answered


Pool of respondents

Roland Berger

“Non-incentivized respondents was the main driver for us to choose Potloc”

Ariane Pansard,
Senior Consultant at Roland Berger


“We saw a great speed ​​of execution for the entire project: One month from our first meeting to the results’ presentation. All adapted to our tight timing, it was perfect! Great analysis of the data, relevant, structured and precise, which allows us to quickly understand the results and make decisions.”

Cyrille Romain,

Philippe Gorge

“Great speed, responsiveness and availability in the launch phase of our study, and I really appreciated Potloc’s support and expertise in developing the survey questionnaire.”

Philippe Gorge,
Director at L.E.K. Consulting

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