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Global retail and brands at a crossroads in 2024

Consumers aren’t browsing or buying like they used to. 

Explore global spending trends and navigate varying consumer expectations in 2024 with insights from the latest edition of Potloc and Roland Berger's Decoding Consumer Behavior Study.



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26% des répondants

ont entre 18-34 ans

33% des répondants

ont entre 35-54 ans

41% des répondants

ont 55 ans et +

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Key figures from the survey

46% of consumers

feel optimistic about the present economy

35% of respondents

shopped more frequently at discounters

67% of young adults

plan to increase their spending moderately or considerably

Consumer trends for 2024

Trend #1:

Buying based on value for money

When asked to name their most important purchasing criterion, 24% of respondents said value for money, making it the number one factor. Price (20%) followed, ahead of quality/durability (17%). These three priorities are unsurprising given the current uncertain economic climate, although a longer-term shift toward sustainability might be at play.

Trend #2:

Selective brick and mortar visits

Amid the shift towards e-commerce, supermarkets (44%) rank first among the physical stores consumers plan to visit more often in 2024. This could reflect a prioritization of essential purchases, as well as a rising interest in healthy nutrition. Shopping malls (33%) are second on the list of physical shopping destinations, just ahead of discount stores (30%).

Trend #3:

Luxury items purchased when made to last

With consumers keeping a closer eye on their spending, retailers of luxury goods will need to go the extra mile to attract customers. Quality and durability (45%) is the most important driving factor. Consumers expect their luxury investments to last, especially in an uncertain economic period—and with sustainability growing in importance.

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Consumers are more heterogeneous than ever. Global success demands fit-for-purpose strategies from retailers and brands.
Thorsten de Boer
The retail sector will face unique challenges in 2024. Economic uncertainty is steering consumers towards more conscious consumption and support for local economies. Our research with Roland Berger highlights the need for brands to focus on quality, durability, and unique experiences in an increasingly competitive market.
Illan Bitton
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international respondents





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Our Roland Berger global Consumer Goods & Retail team collaborates closely with Potloc as a preferred partner on numerous compelling market research projects. We appreciate the profound insights that we can derive from the dynamic dashboards provided by Potloc.
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Roger Claudius
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