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Survey your B2B and B2C audiences, no matter how niche they are

While may use multiple sampling methodologies, the quality of our collected data will never waver. That's because we utilize exhaustive data cleaning processes to refine the survey findings and provide you with exceptional insights.

Sampling methodologies adapted to your needs

Take advantage of a personalized service, fine-tuned to the audience you wish to survey. Our experts define the most appropriate sampling methodology for you, utilizing social networks and often our network of certified partners. Our data cleaning technology, combined with the industry's most rigorous data verification procedures, guarantees reliable and actionable data.

Sampling Capabilities


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respondents surveyed

The leader in social network sampling

Our social network targeting strategies connect you with hard-to-reach audiences around the world. The findings are near limitless – dive deep into your respondents' ages, genders, languages, locations, relationship status, education levels, industries, average incomes, political orientations, interests, and most importantly, how they feel about your product or service.

B2B / B2C Capabilities

Survey all audiences, from well-known to niche


your B2B or B2C audience when they're available and in a non-intrusive way.


all types of profiles according to their location or interests, regardless of sample size.


from a complete research approach: social networks, CATI, expert calls and panels.

Reach the people you want to hear from today

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A state-of-the-art data cleaning process

At Potloc, we believe that poor-quality data is the bane of the market research industry. That's why we've implemented a rigorous data cleaning process to deliver you pristine insights, combining robust technology with human verification.

Technical verifications

  • IP address and duplicate device detection
  • Respondent location by IP address
  • Translation tool detection
  • Bot detection

Behavioral checks

  • Detection of inattentive behaviour
  • Detection of overly fast respondents
  • Elimination by activity level in the survey market
  • Monitoring of open-ended response rates that are too short

A network of complementary partners

Your study might require the use of a complementary methodology. Our network of carefully selected and continuously evaluated partners lets us reach all types of B2B and B2C audiences. 


CATI : telephone surveys

An ideal way to interview small samples of respondents, telephone surveys are highly effective with B2B audiences. They are longer, more qualitative, and allow you to reach niche audiences internationally.

CAWI : online surveys

Functional and less costly, web-based surveys are relevant for studying large audiences based on demographic criteria. They are an impressive source of insights, especially when distributed by e-mail to your own database.