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Intuitive. Collaborative. Efficient.

We've developed the most comprehensive market research analysis tool to effortlessly extract actionable insights.

Meaningful Findings at Your Fingertips

Intuitive: Run deep analyses and manipulate your data instantly. No training needed.

Collaborative: Easily share specific parts of your analyses with colleagues so they can leverage the insights valuable to them.

Efficient: Our dashboard is a centralized tool which integrates perfectly with your own work processes and functions. Easily generate analyses on the fly and export them for your various business needs.
potloc dashboard


Dashboard Satisfaction


Enterprise users

Survey data, made easy

Visualize your data with our intuitive interface

Our user-friendly design makes dashboard exploration a breeze. Use filters, crosstabs, graphs, and other data visualization tools to paint a clear picture of the insights available to you.

Catchment area dashboard
Collaborative dashboard

Easily collaborate with your team

Share customized reports in real-time, at any time, with whomever you'd like so they can work with the data that's relevant to them. Export charts and graphs in .JPEG, .CSV, or .XLS, and use them in your presentations.



Maximum productivity, minimum effort

Our dashboard is a centralized tool that empowers your team members with insights valuable to them. Its features integrate perfectly with all of your own work processes and tools.


A survey report that gets you answers

A survey report that gets you answers

Explore our public dashboards

Potloc | Roland Berger

Shopping Behaviors in a COVID-19 World

How consumers are changing their shopping behaviors in the face of a global pandemic?

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Potloc | Canadian Health

Perception of Canadian Health Workers

Giving a voice to Canadian health workers during the COVID-19.

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Potloc | Roland Berger

The Remote Work Paradox in France

Effects on gender equality and work organization among French executives.

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