Potloc Expands North American Team To Support Growth in Social Media Based Consumer Research Offering.

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Potloc acquisition team to ensure high-quality consumer research insights through unprecedented precision, and ability to survey hard-to-reach audiences


MONTREAL – April 15, 2021 – Potloc, Inc., the pioneer in leveraging the reach and precision of social media targeting for improving the quality of consumer research data, today announced it has appointed Brian Murphy as Director of Acquisition Operations and Alexandre Valladon as Director of Acquisition R&D efforts. The two join the company to further develop and expand the Potloc research solution for a global customer base. The company, which is rapidly growing and hiring in both Europe and North America, offers a social media-based research solution that enables unprecedented precision and targeting of hard-to-reach audiences for high-quality insights and data. Separately the company also announced it has ranked #29 in the 2021 Best Workplaces™ in Canada awards program.

Murphy will lead the Potloc Acquisition Operations Team, which is chartered with continuing to develop new sources of survey respondents. Murphy brings almost a decade of experience as a data analyst and search marketing specialist, most recently at Yellow Pages. At Potloc his focus will be to analyze present and future methods of survey acquisition.  

“I’m happy to be joining Potloc at this dynamic time and look forward to using my experience and skills to help continually optimize our methods of reaching niche audiences and automating best practices with the product team to accelerate the speed of respondent acquisition,” said Murphy. 

Valladon joins Potloc’s Acquisition team as well and brings a background in paid search, social and display, which he will use to lead all Acquisition R&D topics. He comes to Potloc from Omnicom Media Group where he was the director of performance media including social, search and display.  

“Potloc's strength lies in its ability to obtain large scale respondents on social networks,” said Alex Valladon. “So I’m happy to be heading the efforts to improve and refine the processes, efficiency and velocity of the department, and ensure we are able to continue to target niche audiences effectively.” 

“Both Brian and Alex bring a strong understanding of digital media and solid management experience that will help our company grow and bring value to our customers,” said Rodolph Barrerre, CEO and co-founder of Potloc. “I appreciate the hands-on approach they each have and look forward to welcoming them to the team. Just as our clients have to stay in tune with their customers, we are always working to continue to improve our practices and evolve our product offerings.”

Potloc’s innovative approach to surveying precisely-defined and often hard-to-reach, low-incidence audiences, uses the demographic and location targeting capabilities of popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. In total, its potential available surveying audience is more than 4.2 million people worldwide, allowing it to sample very specific niches based on detailed demographics, locations, purchasing behavior and other important criteria researchers need to produce the best quality survey results.

By using both the targeting and ease of response inherent to social media, Potloc surveys yield more accurate results in less time. Its methodology uses the proven response capabilities of social media platforms, targeting specifically-defined or located users with easy-to-respond-to surveys. The approach takes advantage of the ‘downtime’ periods people spend scrolling through their news feeds on social media and attracts them with very relevant topics that ensure better response rates and results. Its surveys typically meet or exceed clients’ response quotas in short sampling time frames. 

About Potloc

Potloc is a tech-enabled consumer research company that conducts survey sampling through social networks. With its sampling technology, Potloc can reach any niche audiences or geo-targeted survey respondents to provide businesses and organizations with valuable insights. Leading brands and top consulting firms worldwide leverage this sampling approach to acquire respondents, understand their consumer base, and solve strategic challenges. Headquartered in Montreal and founded in 2014, Potloc has global offices in North America and Europe. Check us out at www.potloc.com

Key Takeaways

  • - Potloc adds search marketing experts to expanding acquisition team to continually evolve its niche surveying capabilities.

  • - Potloc surveys yield more accurate results in less time by using both the targeting and ease of response inherent to social media.

  • - Accessing large-scale respondents on social networks is a key strength of Potloc and a process the company is continually refining and improving for efficiency and to extract quality insight.

Brian Murphy - Director of Acquisition Operations

Brian Murphy

Director of Acquisition Operations at Potloc
Alexandre Valladon - Director, Acquisition R&D Potloc

Alexandre Valladon

Director, Acquisition R&D at Potloc

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