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About Potloc

Potloc unlocks consumer insights for hundreds of businesses, helping them solve ongoing challenges like improving customer experience, converting competitor's clients into their own, and building better products or services. How? We've reinvented research technology by conducting hyper-targeted surveys through social networks – offering a real alternative to traditional research methods that haven't evolved along with modern consumers.

For us, consumers are people - not just numbers, so we thrive by giving them a voice in their communities. We do this while empowering the enterprises that serve them with valuable insights that translate into profit. Headquartered in Montreal and founded in 2014, Potloc has raised $20M+ with French & North Americans VCs and has grown to nearly 230 employees, with global offices in Canada and Europe.

Our Values

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We refuse to settle for “good.” Our daily work is motivated by our desire to improve the communities that we are a part of –and those our clients serve.

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We thrive on clear, straightforward insights. We owe that to the communities that inspire us and to the businesses looking to connect with them.

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If you ask the right questions, what you learn will most often surprise you. We provide the tools that help enterprises connect with the communities they serve by asking these questions.

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Team Spirit

Each person comes to the Potloc table with unique knowledge and expertise, and together we are whole. We thrive in cooperation as we stand up for each other and the communities we live in.

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