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I want to know more about Potloc

What do you do?

How did the Potloc concept start?

Why the name Potloc?

I am a citizen and I want to know more about getting involved

Why should I give my opinion?

Which information will be circulated?

I want to know more about your consumer surveys

How do you poll consumers?

Who do you survey?

Do you buy data from Facebook?

Do you guarantee an amount of participants?

How do you ensure the survey samples are representative?

What about statistical bias?

Who can mandate a study?

Can you operate everywhere?

What purpose do Potloc surveys serve?

I already use market research, how is that different from consumer studies?

What value do you add in comparison to other survey methods?

How much impact do your studies carry?

What is the duration of a campaign?


How much does a study cost?


How can I contact you?