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The Future Of Consumer Research – ICSC Conference

The ICSC Canadian Convention is over, sadly. The retail /  real estate industry’s largest convention, held in Toronto, was dominated by one major theme: change.
The Future Of Consumer Research – ICSC Conference

Now that everyone is back to business as usual, what did you keep from that convention?
Here’s a tip: “Be different, Talk to consumers.”


If you want to see the highlights of the conference about the future of consumer research; here it is:





  • Difference between Market and Consumer Research
  • The different Consumer Research Methodologies and their biases
  • Why social medias are disruptive for Consumer Research
  • The answer to every question in Retail: “Talk to Consumers”
  • Elgin Mall: How to secure Anchor Tenants thanks to Consumer Research
  • Loblaws: How to adapt your offer thanks to Consumer Research.


View the Full Conference


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