Potloc tips for understanding and exploiting your data

Your study gives you a large amount of data. Here are some tips for understanding and using it.
Potloc tips for understanding and exploiting your data



Our data analysts select the most relevant data and organize results so you can read through the story more easily. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Results are organized by themes (usually your study objectives)
  • Each theme contains different questions
  • Results for each question are filtered and displayed in tables
  • You can choose how results are displayed (order, graph type, cross-data filters)



How to read tables

Interpret numbers

A stat should be read like this: “x% of [column] has answered [row]”


Identify significant results

Results that are highlighted in blue are the most significant results. The calculation is based on the chi-square test and the arrow indicates if the result is higher or lower than average.



​Make sure results are valid

We usually consider a result to be valid when there are at least 30 respondents, meaning n > 30 for the subgroup.

THE RESULTS SECTIONHere results for the category “18-25 years old” sub-group are not valid (n=22)


How to mine your data

Our team has pre-selected the most relevant cross-data filters and displays. You can always change the settings yourself to activate and deactivate cross-data filters, arrange order, or display data with a different graph type. Note that your changes won’t be saved in the app.


Order the results

Simply click on the icon next to the column title to reorder the results.

  • The order will cycle between ascending, descending, and logical
  • In some cases (“I don’t want to answer”, “Other”) an answer is locked and will always stay at the end of the list
Order-the-resultsHere results are ordered by descending results within the “Female” group


Go to edit mode

To access all options, you need to turn on edit mode by clicking on the edit icon next to the question title. Simply click on X to return to browsing mode.




Change graph type

  • Click on graph type icons and see which one is the most appropriate
  • When choosing a graph type other than a table, results will automatically be displayed as primary results



Change count type

You can choose to display results as percentage or a number.



Change cross-data filters

You can choose to activate or deactivate cross-data filters as a group or select a specific sub-category. Filters highlighted in blue indicate that these groups contain significant results.

dashboard-table-dataHere, “Gender” “Age” and “Income” show significant results whereas results don’t depend on type of “Frequency”


How to export results

To export a graph, simply click on the export icon in the edition sidebar.

The app enables you to export any primary graph. We’re working on giving you the ability to export data in Excel format.



If you have any question or need support, reach out to me via chat or email at: support@potloc.com