Potloc Insights: Survey methodology (4)

NPS: Know your client satisfaction

4 minutes read

Utilizing Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been growing as a marketing trend over the last few years. NPS is the ultimate chief indicator of client satisfaction and loyalty. Fred Reichheld is an author and American consultant who specializes in studying loyalty. He argues that a client’s loyalty is greatly linked to their likelihood of recommending the business to others. The more loyal your client, the more you can be certain they will recommend your brand. Like a snowball effect, NPS is closely related to your business's profitability. Furthermore, NPS is a leading tool for assisting you in managing your clients’ experiences

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Trade area, Isochrone plan and Isodistance map

5 minutes read

To understand the way traffic functions around a store or shopping center, it’s helpful to properly analyze its Trade area, its isochrone map, and its distance zone. It helps to understand who are your clients, but also where they’re coming from, and most importantly, which strategy should be set up to acquire new clients (customer acquisition) or to make existing clients come more often (retention).

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