Potloc Insights: Consumer research on Social Media

11 New Technologies that are Disrupting Consumer Research

8 minutes read

Consumer research is currently undergoing a transformation due to a number of emerging technologies. Here are eleven noteworthy aspects of this revolution that are tremendously helping market researchers.

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If You Want to Gather Insights on Consumers, go Where they Hang Out: How Social Media is Changing Research

5 minutes read

Our CEO Rodolphe Barrere writes for Retail TouchPoints about how Social Media is changing research, and the way businesses are extracting insights by tapping into the collective intelligence of B2C and B2B audiences 

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Reaching the Unreachable: Why Social Media Sampling Provides Better Reach, Precision, and Results

10 minutes read

The hardest, but most rewarding, part of sampling both consumer and market research is finding the most relevant and honest participants who can be targeted in a niche way. In doing so, we can meet the time constraints of modern-day sampling.

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The Future Of Research Is Social

9 minutes read

According to Hootsuite’s latest Digital Statshot Report, more than half of the world’s population is now on social media. Not ever in human history, we had such vast access to information, people, news, and interconnectivity. The implications of this are numerous in terms of human communication, how people interact with brands and businesses worldwide, and how companies extract consumers’ insights.

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The Future Of Consumer Research – ICSC Conference

3 minutes read

The ICSC Canadian Convention is over, sadly. The retail /  real estate industry’s largest convention, held in Toronto, was dominated by one major theme: change.

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