5 strategies to get your customers’ emails

The mailing list has not gotten the love it deserves. The Direct Marketing Association found that, for every one dollar invested in email marketing, there was a $39.40 return. Furthermore, retailers that grow their email list can not only market more effectively to their customer base but also get more customer feedback faster.
5 strategies to get your customers’ emails



As a result, it pays for physical stores to implement strategies that result in more customers’ emails. Here are five ways to collect your customers’ email, in a painless and non-invasive manner.


1 — Wi-Fi

Wherever you go, people want to stay connected. Providing in-store Wi-Fi to customers is approaching industry standard, with 82% of large to medium-sized retailers providing access. A simple Wi-Fi login portal requesting a name and email address gives you and your customers valuable information, with little to no effort from either party. You can design your login portal with opportunities for customers to subscribe to your company’s promotional campaigns or loyalty programs.


2 — Contests

A contest is another great way to acquire your customers’ email information. Designing something that allows customers to enter their data electronically at their leisure is crucial to the success of the contest. You give them the chance at a free product, they give you their email. A mutually beneficial exchange.


3 — Promotions

A straightforward promotion, offering _% off their next order, in return for subscribing to your companies email list is an effective strategy. Designate counter space in a visible, high traffic part of your store for a registry station, where customers fill out email forms in exchange for discounts. Setting up a tablet computer would an efficient way to collect information. One specific benefit to this plan is you can curate what permissions are requested for your customers’ email. Just creating an account? Promotional materials? It’s up to you what you want to ask of your customer.


4 — Digital receipts

Another method would be to collect emails at your point of sale. Offering receipts via email benefits all parties. E-receipts give customers a receipt that can’t get damaged and can reliably be found in their inbox. They give your business the opportunity to design an e-receipt that provides not only transactional information but also promotional materials that are guaranteed to be seen.


5 — Photo-ops

If people are enjoying your store, they’ll want to remember their visit. How better to do so than a photograph? Set up a photo station, replete with props and decorations fitting the theme of your store. Take the picture through a company camera, and have the pictures delivered to your customers via email.