Getting the Most Out of Your Time at MAPIC in Cannes 2018

The next edition of the MAPIC international trade fair will take place from November 14 to 16 in Cannes. It is organized by Reed MIDEM, a professional event planner in France, and is an annual event for investors, promoters, and companies from all over the world to gather and discuss new trends in retail, develop new ideas, and create new partnerships.
Getting the Most Out of Your Time at MAPIC in Cannes 2018



The conference is a great opportunity to network – as well as personally meeting the partners with whom you are negotiating. This event could have an impact on your business growth, but only if you go there properly prepared.


If you plan to sit in a corner of a room listening to the speaker's debate, you’d be better off saving your time and money. On the other hand, if you’re properly prepared, the €1030 to €1560 registration fee might be your best investment this year.


POTLOC’s CEO Louis Delaoustre will be there along with Gil Casali and Vincent Logerot, our two Account Managers.


Here are five things you can do before you leave for Cannes and to get the most out of MAPIC.



With more than 8500 participants and 180 guest speakers, you won’t get a chance to meet everyone. You’ll need to prioritize and be smart when selecting the seminars you attend. The main benefit of this kind of event remains networking. It is also often more productive spending time getting to know someone over a coffee than listening to a guest speaker, as eloquent as they may be.


In reality, it is even advisable to keep a few time slots open for last-minute meetings.


Remember to check the schedule of events and put only the most interesting seminars in your calendar. MAPIC provides a matching service and one-hour sessions supported by facilitators. Make good use of these!


The MAPIC database lists all events, participants, and speakers. Login to find your contacts, set up meetings now, and customize your schedule. You can continue to use the database for an entire year after the conference is over. This will enable you to find your contacts and to continue exchanging with them.


There are several thousand participants, so it will be quite tedious to browse the entire list of participants. But given the quality of speakers, it is probably worth investing a few hours in order to set up your meetings.



Also remember to download the MAPIC application, available on its website, to get a better idea of all the suggested activities.



Rank the people you want to meet by prioritizing them from 1 to 3. D-Day rapidly approaches, so start contacting the #1s immediately. If they don’t answer within a few days, contact them through the app or LinkedIn, then move on to the next rung of priorities as long as your calendar is not full, or close to being full.


To avoid an unending series of round trips between your various calendars, try using Calendly. This creates a link that enables anyone to make an appointment directly in your calendar. In addition, by creating a link specifically for MAPIC, you can agree on a specific location in advance. The conference facilities are full of rooms dedicated to informal meetings of all kinds.



Have you already filled your calendar? Bravo! However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t continue to bump into people during the three days…quite the opposite. During your downtime, walk around the food areas as you may meet people with whom you were unable to get an appointment. Memorize their faces by first checking their LinkedIn profiles, and then go on the attack!


Networking opportunities don’t stop after the day’s last seminar, or even after the last day of MAPIC. Many events take place in the evenings outside the Palais des Festivals. Remember that such parties, as different as they may be from a conference booth, are an ideal place to do business and meet your future partners.


Although a shuttle service serves the conference, getting a room nearby can be convenient, especially if you go out at night. It also makes it easier to get to the conference early each morning so that you substitute your travel time with additional networking opportunities. According to the MAPIC page, there are good hotels nearby, including the Le Barrière Le Majestic, Le Gray d’Albion, Le Hoche, and L’Esterel, for smaller budgets. You can also try to get one of the last spots in a nearby AirBnB.




There are few must-have items to bring to the conference. Definitely consider your portable battery charger. You don’t want to run out of juice in the early afternoon so that you are forced to get out your good old notebook and jot down your new contacts by hand. Bring at least a hundred business cards (you can never bring too many), any information materials you may have, and other promotional goodies.


If you are an avid winter swimmer, consider bringing your swimsuit to experience the joys of the French Riviera. You won’t go unnoticed!


If these tips were useful to you and you would like to meet the POTLOC team at MAPIC, please contact Louis Delaoustre, Gil Casali or Vincent Logerot.