Everything you always wanted to know about Omnichannel

Many companies already have an omnichannel strategy. Is this the first time you’ve heard these words? If so, then you are part of the 55% of companies that have not developed an omnichannel strategy.
Everything you always wanted to know about Omnichannel



A search conducted by Google showed that 98% of Americans alternate between different devices during a typical day. It is therefore essential for retailers to know and master several channels.



The term “omnichannel” refers to a comprehensive approach using multiple sales channels for a complete and consistent experience. The experience includes the visual signature and the language used, but also the entire process through which a customer must go in order to buy.


For example, a significant segment (39%) of online customers are strongly or very strongly dissuaded from buying in-store from a company that does not provide information about its inventory online.


Everything you always wanted to know about Omnichannel

Any omnichannel strategy is essentially a multichannel one, since it involves using several channels. The nuance here is to create a consistent experience for the customer, regardless of the channel used. Omnichannel is therefore a complete multichannel approach, executed through a strategy.



Today’s consumer is systematically doing the research before making a purchase. Their purchase decision may even already be made before going to the store. Not less than 70% of consumers have already purchased something online that they have chosen to pick up in-store. Hence, the importance of giving the customer the chance to buy directly online, even if they will pick up the item in person. The majority of customers (82%) also think that it is important to be able to check the store’s inventory of a particular item online before they make a trip to purchase it in the store.



The use of channels can take many forms depending on the type of business you have. Starbucks, for example, now takes orders via its mobile application. So you can order your vanilla latte while waiting for the subway, and it will be ready to pick up the minute you go into the store! It will display your name since this information is already be pre-registered for you. This way, customers who have been dissuaded by waiting in the line-up at the store will complete their purchases anyway and will leave satisfied.


Many financial institutions, like Tangerine in Canada, also provide the option of depositing checks directly through its mobile app. Interac online transfers are also easier done on a mobile device. Facilitating the customer experience to the point of being able to do as many operations from home as possible makes their experience more positive and creates long-term loyalty.


Choosing an omnichannel strategy will help save time for your customers. Picking up an item the same day in-store has become a must. Give your customers the opportunity to make their purchase decisions earlier in the process to benefit from additional sales.