Everett Stamm

20 influencers in the world of retail in Canada

9 minutes read

At Potloc would like to take the time to recognize Canadian industry professionals whose influence can be felt throughout the world of retail. Whether it’s developing new software that disrupts the retail industry, revitalizing the retail division of their Fortune 500 employer, or garnering an attentive audience as a journalist, we believe the following 20 people have earned recognition for their influence within Canadian retail.

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5 strategies to get your customers’ emails

2 minutes read

The mailing list has not gotten the love it deserves. The Direct Marketing Association found that, for every one dollar invested in email marketing, there was a $39.40 return. Furthermore, retailers that grow their email list can not only market more effectively to their customer base but also get more customer feedback faster.

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Retailers: Five Non-Negotiable Expectations of the Future Clients

4 minutes read

The needs of tomorrow must be identified today. What made a business stand out yesterday is now industry standard. How you remain competitive is unique to your business, but changes in expectations about retail practices are relevant to all. Here are five areas of business where customer expectations will be changing in the near future.

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