Evan Ullman

Stadiums of the Future: How Data Collection is Bringing New Life to the Live Sports Experience

7 minutes read

Sunday, February 13th, 6:30pm EST: the NFL’s top two teams, the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, will square off in the 56th annual Super Bowl showdown. Millions will be watching from the comfort of their own homes, but 70,000+ people will be in attendance at the new, state-of-the art technological masterpiece in SoFi Stadium. Home to the Rams and the Chargers (the other LA-based NFL team), this 3.1 million square-foot arena comes equipped with all the new digital gizmos and gadgets, creating an encapsulating and borderline magical environment for the fans.

At the heart of any sport is its fans, which is why SoFi Stadium was built to host epic football games, ones to give attendees the top-tier experience they deserve. So, how did the physical and digital architects of SoFi Stadium know what features to include within it in order to increase attendance and elevate the fan experience? They collected and referred to lots of data, of course.

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